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Home Evaluation

Thinking of selling your home but not sure what it's worth?

We all have a price in mind for our homes but at what price does the current real estate market value your home? Pricing your home right is one of the biggest factors that will determine whether it sells or sits on the market.


You may have heard of a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) but not everyone fully understands how important this evaluation is. A CMA looks at the comparable homes that are currently for sale as well as comparables that recently sold and those that didn't.


This analysis will give you a better idea of your property's market value. It is one of the first (and essential) steps as you prepare to sell your home. All it takes is a few quick minutes to complete and submit the form below. Then, let me crunch some numbers and I'll get back to you. You may be pleasantly surprised or a little disappointed but you will know where you stand and it can help you decide whether it's time to sell or time to wait.