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With all the information that is readily available online, you might be wondering if there is any point to hiring an agent anymore. Although it is true that you can gather a lot of information online, not all the important information is at your finger tips. Here are some reasons why REALTORS® still have a job in this tekky age.

REALTORS® as translators

Sure you can have all the data and stats you want, but what does it all mean? An agent can not only provide you with data but he or she can also interpret it and apply it to your particular situation. We provide navigation in a vast sea of information.

Objective council

As hard as you may try to be objective, there is almost always an emotional aspect to any home search. A condo with an incredible view of downtown may also have some serious issues, but I bet that sunset gets more run-time in your head than those concerning stains on the ceiling! An agent helps to keep you grounded and focused on all your needs.

Pointing-out things you didn't notice

You can't be expected to notice every great feature or spot every defect in a home. Having an agent by your side will help you notice a lot more during showings and open houses and our trained eyes and experience can spot potentially risky things such as leaky condos. This will help save you time and potentially get a better price on your future home.


Shift risk and liability

We agents need big shoulders to carry all the risk and liability we assume during and after the transaction. There are many situations where an oversight or missed deadline can have serious financial and legal costs. REALTORS® are covered by Errors & Ommissions Insurance and can assume much of the risk and liability of a transaction providing you with peace of mind. 

Services directory

As an agent, I know all sorts of professionals. Home stagers, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, mortgage specialists, oil tank scanners, home inspectors, lawyers, notaries, roofers and more. If there's a service you need, odds are I know someone who I have personally seen in action and feel confident recommending to you.

A trustworthy advisor

In a recent survey done by the National Association of REALTORS®, respondents stated that honesty and integrity were the most important qualities they searched for in an agent. Very soon, you will need to make some big decisions and having someone by your side with expertise can be invaluable. Your agent should be open, honest and you need to know that he or she will give you all the information you need to make the best decision.